"Clay and Ali were so easy to work with. They were able to capture not only some great portraits of our family, but we were really pleased with the portraits of Owen."
Joel & Dawn Gouldelock - Mason, OH

The Top 6 Reasons
To Choose Our Studio

Reason #1 - We Capture Relationships!

When it comes to family portraiture, our goal is simple:  to illustrate the relationships and bonds between the members of your family.

Rather than using a “get'em in, get'em out” mall or department store studio type approach, we take the time to photograph your family in different poses and combinations.  We have no limit to the number of poses you can try, and are more than willing to work with any and all of your ideas. Your portrait is not a picture, nor is it a snapshot.  Your portrait is an artistic creation that captures your personality and documents your family relationships!

When you started thinking about having your family portrait created, you most likely envisioned a classic photograph in a beautiful frame displayed in your foyer, over your couch, or above your fireplace mantel.  We bring your vision to the next level by using both soft studio lighting and a huge selection of highly customizable backgrounds to give you a totally unique portrait.

Reason #2 - We Make You Look Your Best!

After you choose your favorite portraits, we enhance each of your selected images, carefully smoothing out your complexion, removing coffee and soda stains from your teeth, and brightening your eyes.  You will be amazed at how great you look in your finished portraits.  Most studios charge a lot for this type of retouching.  Some don't even offer it.  But for every portrait you choose, we offer this as a complimentary service.

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Reason #3 - We Preserve Memories

The classic portrait you hang on your wall will not tell the whole story though.  It is just one component of your session.  Unlike most studios, we also photograph smaller combinations (Mom & Dad together, all the children together, Mom and daughter, etc.).  We really let you have fun with this, and we have a lot of creative ideas that allow us to capture your family actually interacting with each other.  Laughter, teasing, sibling rivalry - you'll see the familiar expressions and emotions in these images.  And when you look back at these photographs ten years from now, you will see not just what your family looked like, but what it was like.

Our goal is to create a timeless image that will bring back this moment in time for years and generations to come.  Though your children may not understand the value of it now, we realize that you are not just having this portrait created for yourselves, but for them as well.

Reason #4 - We Actually Care About You!

As our logo indicates, we are "Not Your Usual Photographers."  We customize each family's session based on what they want.  We can either do a phone consultation or set up a time for you to stop by our studio and chat about your goals and desires for a memorable portrait experience.  Either way, the first step is to give us a call, talk to us a little, and tell us how you envision your family portrait.  We'll give you some suggestions, and if you like what you hear we can discuss your session in more detail.

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Reason #5 - We Are Socially Responsible!

Our studio supports your community through charitable endeavors.  Almost every year we support a coalition for the homeless by volunteering professional portraits free of charge to homeless mothers on Mother's day.

We have recently started donating a portion of the profits from every session to the "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" organization, a wonderful group who provides a network of photographers to hospitals.  These photographers offer totally free portrait services to families who have either terminally ill children, or who have babies that are never going to leave the hospital.  So many times these are the only photographs these families will ever have of these lovely children.

We are positive that you agree.  Portraits aren't just pretty images to look at from time to time.  A good portrait captures precious memories "Forever And A Day"

Reason #6 - Virtually Unlimited Background Creation!

Do you get tired of seeing those same studio backgrounds time and time again?  With our new "Scene Machine" we can offer you unbelievable background customization.   Don't misunderstand!   This is not some "green screen" software manipulation.  We actually project a background right over top of you and the studio props.

You probably understand that a good portrait has several elements, such as control of the lighting and proper exposure.  But the most often ignored component, even by professionals, is the background.  It is probably the single element that can make or break your portrait,  and our new "Scene Machine" allows you to choose from hundreds of different backgrounds.

But don't worry... we have a full selection of the classical backgrounds as well!!

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