Meet Your Photographers

Alison Bandy-Enos

Raised in Cincinnati, Ali decided to pursue her artistic side through photography. She graduated from the Ohio Institute of Photgraphy And Technology (Dayton, OH) with a major emphasis in portrait photography. At OIPT, Ali mustered the courage to enter a photo contest with a photo of a farmer plowing his fields. She won first prize.

Though Ali's forte is dramatic portrait photography, she also has a passion for nature and landscape photography, and has acquired a new passion of macro photography. She is currently working on her "Lost Souls" abstract photo series that will eventually appear on her sister website

For several years Ali has joined her husband on Mother's Day to donate their portrait skills to the Columbus Coalition For The Homeless. In conjuction with several other photographers, they provide free portraits for homeless women and their friends and family.

If you ever drop in to Panera's bread at the Streets of West Chester, you may just encounter Ali working behind the register at her part-time job.

Clay T. Enos

Clay grew up in the New Carlisle area, obtined a B.A. in chemistry from the University of Dayton, then a Master's in chemistry from Penn State. While working as a chemist for Goodyear, he completed an M.B.A at Kent State.

Clay has had an avid interest in photography from the time he was in 6th grade. In 1968 he purchased his first 35mm camera, a Minolta SRT101. At about that same time he started doing darkroom work, and while a senior at Tecumseh HS, Clay and a friend did copy work and BW printing for the original Click's Camera in Springfield, OH. During his college years he began photographing weddings with a Mamiya C33 twins lens reflex and dabbled with his first portraiture.

Clay jumped into the digital arena very early on at which time he abandoned his Minolta cameras for Canon. He has become quite skilled in the digital darkroom where he spends huge amounts of time. When his chemist job fell victim to corporate layoffs in July 2009, Clay entered into an early retirement and began pursuing photography as a full-time endeavor. He spends lots of time doing web programming (Argh!!), marketing, and working with the digital darkroom.

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