Your Portrait Background
The Most Powerful Influence On Your Custom Portrait

Imagine the possibilities that come with being in a studio where your photographer could choose from an infinite number of backgrounds. Imagine that he could create a totally unique background for your portrait - one that no one else could ever have in their portraits. This is exactly the possibility you have when you choose Photos by Clay-n-Ali for your portrait experience.

Why is background choice so important?

The background selected for your portrait is the single most accessible means to vary the statement of the image being created for you. It is the background that opens the door for us to be more creative in our lighting and posing. It's the background that enables us to create for you a much greater variety of images for you to choose from.

Clay states "I am always striving to create a portrait that makes everyone say Wow! I have learned that the single greatest aid in obtaining this is the proper selection of the portrait background."

Our Scene Machine makes it possible for us to choose a really unique portrait composition without having to leave the studio. And a really cool part of this technology is that we can change backgrounds in a matter of seconds.

No collection of canvas backdrops could do this, nor could the use of green screen post production digital techniques" says Ali. "The ideas I have for children portraiture never seem to end. What is really neat is that the portraits are ready to be viewed with the background as soon as the camera clicks."

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Gallery of Current Backgrounds

The images below show the backgrounds we currently have, and we are adding more every month. As you view these images, remember that we can vary them in seconds: changing focus, magnification, and position. It is truly a remarkable system.