"Ali was so good with Zoe. We were so thrilled with the amount of time she was willing to invest into capturing some of the first, and very best portraits of our new daughter. "
Rachelle - Cincinnati, OH

Babies and Children
Life Is Full Of Surprises (And Challenges!)

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I'm sure you've seen plenty of generic baby pictures produced by those "get 'em in…get 'em out” chain studios. And I bet the reason you're reading this now is that you don't want YOUR baby's portraits to suffer from the same mediocrity.

We Understand Children

My name is Clay, and my wife's name is Ali. You may have seen some of our children's portraits displayed at various places around the Greater Cincinnati area. We love photographing babies and children of all ages. We have 8 children of our own and 5 grandkids. We understand what it is like for a baby to have an OOPS, or for a small child to have one of those wonderful tantrums. We even have 1st-hand experience dealing with those "attitudes" which older children and teenagers some times become famous for.

We Are Not Your Usual Photographers

Our studio is not like those department store chains offering a $4.99 portrait package containg over 2,000 photos ranging from wallets to wall murals (Ok, I am being a fecious here!), where all the pictures must come from the very first exposure that the camera captures, no matter how bad it is. A good portrait photographer creates a memory by painting your child with proper lighting, multiple angles, and most of all, with lots of patience.

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Everything Is Customized For You

We love creating portraits of babies because there is nothing as rewarding as capturing the beauty of new life. The first year of your baby's growth is such an amazing journey that it is a shame not to capture and preserve each priceless expression and gesture. We strive to capture not just what your baby looks like, but what your baby IS like. Most families take lots of snapshots of their child, but we want to capture so much more for your baby.

And as your child continues to grow and enters school, or begins to play a musical interest, or engage in a sporting event, we would enjoy creating images that will always cause you to have such wonderful memories. Memories that just can't be captured by those $4.99 picture packages.

You owe it to yourself. For about the same price as the average family ends up spending for a department store photo package, you can do so much better. You can have a customized portrait created for your family that will amaze all your friends and families.

It's a WIN-WIN-WIN Experience!

You're a winner because you get to completely customize your family portraits. We're a winner because we get to meet and become friends with you. Our community wins because a portion of the proceeds from every family creation is donated to charities that benefit our community. ...Learn More...

And don't forget, you are protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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