"In the past, I was never pleased about the results of photograph sessions, but your work made me happy. It was enjoyable coming to your studio and you made me feel welcomed and relaxed. To date, I have received many complements about how nice you made me look. People are surprised that the picture was just taken recently. You made me look better and more professional than I thought I looked.

You are very skilled in this craft that includes experience, equipment, lighting, customer relations and context. I sincerely appreciate your work and would recommend you to others"

Mark Mack - West Chester, OH

Executive/Career Portraiture

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It is amazing that most of us end up spending as much, if not more, time at our jobs than we do with our families. It is also amazing that we rarely capture much of this major section of our life in quality portraits.

Perhaps you're a construction worker who spends long hours on the job site. You might be a welder building frames for a company making industrial lawn mowers. Do you run a parts counter at an equipment rental shop, wait on customers at a coffee shop, ring customers at a grocery store, or work in a hair salon? Do you work as a chemist or laboratory technician, protect people as part of a law enforcement department, or save lives as a fireman? Are you a lawer, doctor, or engineer?

No matter what career path you have chosen, you should capture yourself in your work environment.

We can come to your work site or office and do portraits there. Even better, we can come to your place of work and take some photos of scenes from your work environment. We can then convert those to slides that we can put into our "Scene Machine" and project right over top of you. This way we can move the background around to adjust your pose, control exactly much blurring is needed to focus the attention of the viewer on you, and darken and lighten it -- all before the camera ever creates your portrait. If we can not come to your specific work location, we can probably take background photographs at other locations that will show a similar environment to your workplace.

Call us today and let us capture you in a unique portrait environment!

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