"I was totally amazed at this portrait Ali created of me with my grandmother. She was able to capture her spirit in a way that no other photo had done. I framed it and hung it in our dining room, where I see it each day. And each time I glance at it, I am reminded of some of the most important moments of my life!"
Catrina Houser - Greenfield, IN

Parents & Senior Citizen Portraiture

One of the really cool things about social sites like Facebook is that they allow you to get into contact with friends you haven't seen in years. One such contact that I recently made was with my friend Dee Schmid, who grew up living right across the street from me in the Park Layne area of New Carlisle.

Dee and I were recently chatting about where all the years had gone, and about our parents. She lost her Dad 25 years ago. It has been only 5 years for me, and only a couple of months since my Mother died. We chatted about the memories, and the things our parents enjoyed. "Where have all those golden years gone?" she asked at one point in our chat. It was a question that certainly caused me to think.

One of the things that you learn when your parents pass is how much you have taken for granted. As I reminisce about my parents and grandparents, the photographs I have of them bring back so many memories. Unfortunately, I have very few professionally done portraits of them - those special ones that capture something special about their personality. I wish I had so many more. Ali has even fewer pictures of her parents to spark her memories. Most of her photos are simply blurred snapshots.

At Photos by Clay-n-Ali, our goal is not to capture snapshots, but to create portraits that will last decades past the lives of those who sit in our studio. If your parents are getting up in years, you owe it to your family to capture their personality in a quality portrait that will bring back all the good memories you have shared with them. We want you to look at their portrait and say "Wow!! That certainly captures the spirit of my Dad." Or "OMG! That is so much like my Mother!" Take a look at the portrait on the left. That portrait of the young bride and her grandmother will evoke such wonderful emotion and memories for their entire family. It is probably why she has a huge, framed copy hanging in her dining room.

If you are in your later years, one of the greatest gifts you can ever give your family is to have a professional portrait created that captures who you are and what you mean to your family - a portrait that will spark treasured memories each time your family catches a glimpse.

These types of family heirlooms use to be something people thought about frequently. But in these last few years it seems to be something that is so often overlooked. Don't procrastinate! Call us today to arrange a free consultation.

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