Pet Photography
- Not All family Members Have Two Legs!

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We have owned pets of all sorts, and still have a dog and cat that both think they rule the house. Okay, I have to admit that they often do! Our dog "Brandy" , who is pictured on the left, is probably the most photographed dog in history. She can often been seen watching from the side of the studio, and most children who have appeared in our portrait work love her and end up wanting at least one portrait taken with her.

Not all pets are dogs, cats, or birds. Certainly not all pets can fit within our home studio. But regardless of your pet choice, we would love to create a beautiful portrait that captures his/her personality just like any other member of the family. The only excepion is spiders. Clay is arachnophobic and is a real whimp when it comes to bugs and spiders.

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