"Clay and Ali photographed our daughter's wedding ceremony. Beginning with the wedding rehersal and continuing through the reception, we were pleased with the many formal and candid photos they captured. Their photographic skills have provided memory keepsakes of a very special chapter in our family story."

Marge Bailey - Loveland, OH

Your Wedding Photography

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Your wedding will be more than just the most beautiful dress imaginable, perfectly color-coordinated flowers, and an awesome reception. (Though it will, of course, be all these things too.) The essence of your wedding will be the love, excitement, and happiness between you and those closest to you.

That is what Photos by Clay and Ali is all about. Besides beautiful traditional photographs, we capture the emotional moments that define relationships. One of our great strengths is our ability to capture intimate moments other photographers often miss: your bridesmaids laughing as they attempt to figure out what attaches to what on the back of your dress, the look you and your father exchange before you take your first step together down the aisle, the uncontrollable smiles as you exchange vows.

We'll capture the special moments, emotions and expressions of your wedding day through a customized blend of traditional portraiture, photojournalism and candid photography.

We want you to absolutely love your album and finished portraits. That’s why we offer a variety of different effects for you to choose from at no charge. We just want to make sure your album is as unique as your relationship.

We make it fun. You don’t want your wedding photography to just be something you need to get out of the way before you get to the important stuff. Like everything else on your special day, it should be fun and entertaining.

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When you've been photographing weddings for years, you get beyond the point where you're just trying to take technically correct pictures. Now, it's about creating moments and situations that are fun for everyone and that actually capture the relationships and emotions between you and your family and friends.

Something else that makes our style unique is the attention we give to all the little details of your wedding. We know the details are what make your wedding YOUR wedding, and we know that they didn't just fall into place by themselves. From the stitching on your dress to the decorations along the aisle to the place settings at your reception, you and those you love made everything just the way you wanted it. In our opinion, these details definitely need to be captured.

Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

Question #1

Who will be photographing our wedding and how much experience does this person have?

Our Answer:

Many studios try to increase their profits by hiring cheep, amateur photographers to actually photograph your wedding for them. This means you can go to a studio, see a beautiful sample album, and choose that studio. You won't realize until it's too late that you're stuck with a photographer who isn't even capable of interacting professionally with you and your guests, much less of creating an album anything like what you saw in the studio!

Ali and I have been photographers at lots of weddings. Clay has been capturing weddings since 1971. We aren't the least expensive photographers in southern Ohio, so we can take the time to do your wedding the way you want it to be. All of the sammple photographs and portraits will have been taken by us, and we will be the ones helping you create your memories at your wedding and your reception.

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Question #2

Are the photographs in this sample album taken by your photographer?

Our Answer:

We will be photographing your wedding personally. I have been photographing weddings for over 30 years. Ali has a real flare for fashion and can help you look your best.

Because we believe you deserve our undivided attention, we photograph only one wedding per day. As you might imagine, that means our schedule fills up rather quickly. So contact us as far in advance as possible.

Question #3

Do we have to make all the big decisions up front?

Beware of studios that want you to commit to ordering an exact package or album the first time you meet with them. Most likely you will book your photographer right after your ceremony site and reception hall, so you may be feeling pretty overwhelmed and don't know exactly what you want. Some studios try to take advantage of this by pushing you to commit to more than you need before you have a chance to think about it and get a better idea of how your wedding day is going to go.

Our Answer:

The only thing you have to decide when you meet with us is whether you like us and want us to be at your wedding. We will discuss all of your options when we meet, but a you may not decide exactly what you want to go with it until later. That's fine with us.

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Question #4

What will your photographer do to make your wedding album unique?

Many studios create albums through a factory style process, creating decent but rather boring albums.

Our Answer:

Because your relationship is different from anyone else's, your album will be too. Creating your album is actually one of the favorite parts of our job. We really have a lot of fun designing each layout in a way that is creative, fun and unique. Down to the last detail, your album will illustrate the love, emotion and special relationships celebrated on your wedding day

Question #5

Are there a lot of annoying fees that you're not telling us about?

Some studios present a low initial price before you book without mentioning that they charge extra for things like converting a photograph to black and white, removing a blemish from your forehead, going to a park, or taking more than 132 photographs.

Our Answer:

That's not our style. Choosing Photos by Clay and Ali to photograph your wedding means you'll automatically get unlimited photography locations on your wedding day, unlimited images photographed, a theatre style presentation of all your wedding photographs, all your images posted online, and careful image enhancement of all the photographs you select for your album and for your portraits.

Each of our wedding collections are complete. Everything that the package includes are completed listed - there are no hidden fees.

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Question #6

How would you describe your role in my wedding?

You do NOT want a photographer who says something like: “Well, photography is really the most important part of your wedding. When the wedding is over, your flowers will be dead, your cake will be eaten, your dress won’t fit, etc. – but you'll have your photos.”

Why not? Because any photographer who believes the value of photography lies only in the finished pictures is neglecting half the point of photography. Photography is NOTthe most important part of your wedding. The most important thing is that you and your fiancé absolutely love every moment of your special day and can fully relax and celebrate your love, excitement, and happiness.

Any photographer who sees their job simply as giving you nice pictures afterwards won’t be worried about helping you have fun. As far as they’re concerned, that’s not their job.

This attitude is completely wrong because you and your fiancé (as well as all your friends and families) will be spending at least three hours with your photographer on your WEDDING DAY. It does matter whether this person is focusing on helping you have fun and enjoy yourselves or just on getting technically accurate pictures.

Our Answer:

We’re as devoted to helping you have the best day of your life as we are to creating beautiful portraits and candid photographs that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. In fact, you will find us making suggestions for making your day even more fun and romantic.

After asking these questions, decide if you really like the photographer, as well as their work! Keep in mind that your photographer will be spending a lot of time with you, your family and your friends on one of the most important days of your life.You DON'T want them to be someone you don't like!

The Next Step:

If you like what you've read, give us a call as soon as possible to see if we are still available on your wedding date. Don't let someone else reserve your date! You can call us at talk to either Clay or Ali.

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